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 26 Şubat 2007 Saat : 4:54


The genius trickery planned to eliminate the Turkish Language from being one of the “Main Languages” of the European Union, was successfully staged during the annexation talks of Cyprus with EU.

The European Union, which claims “Liberty, Democracy, Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and The rule of law” as the fundamental principles of their establishment, was unbelievably misled by Greek Cypriots during the negotiations and eventually deceived at the end.

Item 2 of Zürich Agreement, agreed upon and initialed by the Greek and Turkish Prime Ministers in Zürich on February 11, 1959 titled as “BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS” written as “The official languages of the Republic of Cyprus shall be Greek and Turkish. Legislative and administrative instruments and documents shall be drawn up and promulgated in the two official languages.”

This item clearly defines that there are two languages spoken on the island and that the official languages of Cyprus Government are Greek and Turkish. All legislative and administrative documents, mails, communications, correspondence and similar paper work will be done in Greek and Turkish, according to the choice of the applicant.
The Greek population of Cyprus lives in the south, which covers 66% of the island and naturally all the schools from kindergarten to colleges have their education and teachings in Greek language and follow the books printed and sent by Greece, the main land of Greek Cypriots, which declared Greek as its main language upon entering the EU in 1981.
The prayers and religious ceremonies in Orthodox churches are held in Greek and the Greek Cypriots talk, shop, communicate, read news papers printed in Greek, watch TV’s broadcasting in Greek and use Greek language largely in every second of their daily life.
Same applies for the Turkish population of Cyprus, living in the northern parts of Cyprus, and covering 34% of the island. They use Turkish language in all stages of their daily, economic, religious and educational life.
Turkish Cypriots are the equal partners of the Republic of Cy-prus, as per the 1959 Zürich Agreement and 1960 Treaty of Estab-lishment of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Greek Cyprus Administration when entering to EU on May 1, 2004 deceived European Union with a false declaration and declared English as the main language, instead of Greek and Turkish, as per clearly stated in item 2 of the Zürich Agreement.
As mentioned, in the southern part of Cyprus, school teachings, religious ceremonies, daily, and even discussions in the parliament and the language spoken and written in official buildings is not English but Greek.
What was the trick?
Why than, was the official language of Cyprus Government declared as English but not Greek and Turkish?
The answer is very simple.
To keep the Turkish Cypriots and the Turkish people living in European countries out of the EU and to block all the entrances to EU offices for them.
To be employed in any EU office, the applicant sits for an exami-nation in his/her main language and chooses another EU main lan-guage as the second best.
When a Greek Cypriot applies, he/she chooses Greek as his/her main language, which is declared by Greece and not by his/her coun-try, and chooses English as the second best.
But when a Turkish Cypriot or a Turkish origin European makes an application as an European Citizen to any EU post, he/she has to sit for an examination and interview, in any two other languages than his/her main language, because Turkish is not accepted as one of the Main Languages of the European Union.
This crystal-clear and unacceptable discrimination does not match with the fundamental principals of the European Union, namely “Liberty, Democracy, Respect for human rights and fundamental free-doms and The rule of law”.

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