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 2 Temmuz 2007 Saat : 5:48


I often wonder about those who say the Cyprus problem started after the Turkish intervention in 1974. This depiction is just a fairy tale and is often used to mislead people with minimal knowledge of the issue.

I am also perplexed by those who say there are no embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots.

UN resolutions — particularly No. 541 dated Nov. 18, 1983 — re-strict all kinds of international relations for the Turkish Cypriots, from direct flights to communication, from education to cultural, in all as-pects of civilized life.

Since that date the Turkish Cypriots and their unilaterally de-clared state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC), have been considered legally invalid by UN member states, with Turkish Cypriots suffering under unjust political, economic, cultural, social, sporting and trade embargoes.

Of course this was not the first time Turkish Cypriots were squeezed by embargoes for concessions from their freedoms and lives.

From Dec. 22, 1963 to July 20, 1974 — 11 long years — Turkish Cypriots were confined to an “open-air prison” by the Greek Cyprus government headed by Makarios: They were allowed no freedom of movement, no property or education rights and no normal life. No jobs, no money, no medicine, no milk, no water and no future.

On top of this inhumane treatment, from March 1, 1965 to July 20, 1974, the following so-called “strategic materials” were also banned by the Greek Cyprus government from delivery to the open-air prison.

The following list is copied from official documents of the Greek Cyprus government, published on March 1, 1965:
“List of materials the import of which into Turkish Cypriot areas is prohibited”
The Cyprus Government has stated that the items listed below are considered to be restricted with effect 1 March 1965. The list may be changed at any time the Government of Cyprus wishes to do so. This list supersedes all previous lists issued.
Serial Item
Iron poles (angle-iron, pickets); Iron rods and thick steel plates; Timber; Crushed metal, stone, sand, gravel; Barbed wire; Wire; Ca-mouflage netting; Cables; Wire cutters; Mine detectors; Power explod-ers; Wireless sets (Police or military pattern) Domestic Radios excluded; Telephones; Cartridges for shot guns; Explosives (TNT, gelatin, dyna-mite etc.); Detonators; Sulphur; Ammonium nitrate; Steel Wool; Fuel in large quantities; Automobile spare parts; Tires; Accumulators and dry batteries; Circuit testers; Fire fighting equipment; Bags (Sacks, canvas, jute or linen types.); Boots, boot studs, leather laces; Rubber soles; Khaki cloth; Leather jackets; Gloves; Socks (Woolen and/or cotton and/or any mixture thereof. Excluding ankle socks; Mackintoshes (including plastic raincoats); Woolen materials (including knitting wool); Imported coal (type used in blacksmiths’ forge); Thermos flasks; Plastic pipes; Milk, for babies and adults.”

If you still think that the Cyprus problem began with the Turkish intervention on July 20, 1974, rest assured that it is a fantasy superior to “The Lord of the Rings.”

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