Cyprus Science University (KIU) Engineering Department Dean Prof. Dr. Ata Atun, said that the discovery of 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea by the Fatih drilling vessel, will change the fate of Turkey and TRNC. Turkey’s new economic and diplomatic power will open the doors to a settlement in Cyprus issue, where the rights for the Turkish Cypriot will be based on equality and equal rights on the governance and sovereignty of Cyprus.

The statement of President Erdogan of Turkey, giving the good news of the discovery of natural gas in Tuna 1 (Danube 1) well at the Sakarya parcel, caused great joy in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, TRNC.

Cyprus Science University Engineering Department Dean Prof. Dr. Ata Atun said, Turkey is rapidly becoming the leader the region. Atun said that the Turkish drilling ship Fatih conducted a drilling activity in the exploration area known as “Danube-1” in the Sakarya Parcel, approximately 100 nautical miles north of the Western Black Sea coast, and that good news came as a result of these activities,

“The natural gas reserve detected in the Sakarya parcel is around 800 billion cubic meters. The discovery of 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Tuna 1 (Danube 1) well, will form the first step in the change of the fate of Turkey in 21st Century.

The second drilling vessel “Kanuni” now is also preparing to move to the region. A further good news is expected from Kanuni drilling vessel as well.

With this discovery, Turkey will get rid of the foreign economic and diplomatic exertions and sanctions. With it’s large population, defense industry, digital-electronics technology and armed forces, Turkey will be the governing and arbiter country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East’s regional diplomacy. He stated, accordingly the fate of the Turkish Cypriots will also change in Cyprus and the Cyprus issue as well.

Emphasizing that energy is of great importance in the establishment of national independence as well as being the basic element of development, Prof. Dr. Ata Atun concluded, stating: “Turkey will open the door to a solution that would give the Turkish Cypriots’ rights and equality in the governance and sovereignty of Cyprus and/or internationally recognized independent state.

Prof. Dr. Atun stated “I believe that the fate of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-TRNC- will change dramatically and I am proud of being a Turk and that the Turkey is my homeland”.

21 Ağustos 2020
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Messages to Greek Cypriots from President Erdoğan

Messages to Greek Cypriots from President Erdoğan
Presidents Erdogan and Eroglu

Presidents Erdogan and Eroglu

The 12th President of Republic of Turkey H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made his maiden overseas visit to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on Monday, September 1, 2014.


Hundreds of happy and a cheerful Turkish Cypriots greeted him warmly wherever he stepped in or visited.


During his visit to TRNC he addressed to the public and gave messages also to the

Greek Cypriot Administration, United Nations and European Union.


The real messages underneath the obvious, hidden within the sentences , in between the lines were clearly as follows.


  • Both sides will get advantages if a solution is reached in Cyprus and solution will make contribution to peace, stability and prosperity in the region.The aim of the Turkish Government is to move the negotiation process to a simultaneous referendum process.
  • No one has a right to put off the international community.
  • Studies concerning the water supply project from Turkey to TRNC, have been continuing speedily and it is planned to be completed within 2-3 months.
  • Studies for electricity project have been continuing and the electric supply to TRNC will be realized right after the water supply.
  • Both projects could give life to the whole island not only to North Cyprus as long as Greek Cypriot side holds peace hand of the Turkish Cypriot side.
  • TRNC has a modern democratic state structure and a  joint aim should be to transform the TRNC into a global attraction centre in the Eastern Mediterranean and to make per capita income double in the next 10 years.
  • Turkey will never allow the downward escalation of the rights of Turkish Cypriots ending as a minority within the Greek Unitary State.
  • It should be comprehended by everyone that current negotiation process cannot be opened forever.
  • He made a call on Greece to become involved in the peace talks concerning the dispute in Cyprus.
  • A viable and fair settlement,  based on a bizonal, bi communal and political equality as per the UN parameters is the target and bases of solution in the mind of Turkey.
  • The last two Presidents of the Greek Cypriot Administration had no political will for a settlement and were not sincere.
  • He called for the placing of a time-frame on the talks to enable to solve the Cyprus dispute within a certain period.


These messages given by the President Erdoğan should definitely be evaluated by the Greek Cypriots in order to establish a new state in the future jointly constituted by the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.


Either wise,  as the Greek Cypriots bitterly experienced during the past 50 years, the northern one third of the island of Cyprus will slip from their hands off and be lost forever.



September 6, 2014

9 Eylül 2014
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New Horizons in Cyprus Dispute

New Horizons in Cyprus Dispute

New Horizons in Cyprus Dispute


The Cyprus Peace Talks heading to nowhere nowadays.

Greek Cypriots willing and wishing to last the negotiations forever as they believe that one day the Turkish Cypriots get bored, give in and will accept to live under Greek yoke.


Of course due to the nature of politics the vice versa is also possible. The political, military, wealth and demographic balances may change and the region and the Greeks get bored and  give.


During the past 50 years, on some very important issues and developments they stubbornly  insisted on their one sided policy like a goat and lost the progress which would have carry them to a better position, rather than to regret later on.


In 1972, the President of the Turkish Cypriot Communal Chamber Mr. R. R. Denktash and Greek Cypriot Communal Chamber Mr. G. Klerides were mutually agreed on the amendment of the 1960 Republic of Cyprus Constitution, degrading the partnership rights in “Governance” of Turkish Cypriots but securing the lives of the Turkish Community on the island.


The agreement was fulfilling all the demands of President Makarios, the then leader of EOKA, in full. If it was also confirmed and accepted by the President Makarios and signed by the leaders of both sides, the partnership rights of the Turkish Cypriots on the Cyprus Republic would be lessen substantially.


The Republic of Cyprus would turn into a Greek Cypriots state, and the Greek Cypriots would promote to the sole governors of the republic.  The Turkish Cypriots would downgrade from internationally recognized politically equal partner state to protected minority status, having little bit more rights comparing to Maronites, Armenians and Latins defined as “Minorities” in the 1960 Republic of Cyprus Constitution.


This mutual agreement between Klerides and Denktash, even though it was degrading the partnership rights and status of Turkish Cypriots and transforming them into a Protected Minority, was fully rejected and refused by the PresidentMakarios.


Mr. Glafkos Klerides in volume three of his memoirs, titled “My Deposition”, succinctly expresses why President Makarios refused to sign this mutual agreement, which would ward off the July 15, 1974 coupe organized by the Generals in power in Greece against him and the Turkish intervention after 5 days.


In his  own words, the late Glafkos Clerides secured terms “based on a much improved constitution than the Zurich one, and on a unitary state…. We rejected it because it did not give us the maximum of our aims, i.e. Cyprus, a Greek Cypriot island ruled by a Greek Cypriot majority.”


The Greek Cypriot rejection was put very clearly by then Foreign Minister Sypros Kyprianou  also. “I wish again to call on the Greek Cypriot people to be calmly on alert in order to prevent a nationally unacceptable solution. By this I mean either concealed or unconcealed federation, or condominium, double Enosis, or partition or a return to Zurich Agreements,” Clerides quoted Kyprianou as saying.


So the opportunity for a long lasting peace in the island was kicked off by the Great Greek Ideal of converting the island of Cyprus to a Solely Greek Cypriot island or an island belonging exclusively to Greek Cypriots and ruling it without sharing the governance with Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins.


Not after too long, only after two years, during the cease fire talks in Geneva after the Turkish intervention on 1974, the very first proposal Mr. Klerides put on the table was “we accept the terms of 1973 agreement”.


Of course it was too late. Nobody took into consideration this timeworn and impertinent proposal….

Greek Cypriots insisted on the same strategy of not sharing the island with the Turkish Cypriots and rejected the possible sustainable peace terms four more times till today…..



15 Ağustos 2014
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A Story Told by a Policeman

A Story Told by a Policeman

A Story Told by a Policeman


During a hot schmoose couple days before, one of the guys split a matter on his round, which attracted my attention at the beginning but later on disturbed me deeply.


It was something we knew but pretend as if we know nothing about it and on top do not want to hear anything about it. When are told or hear about it, usually we respond saying “Oh Jesus, really!. What a pity.”


When it hits a friend or a known person and their despair becomes quite obvious than we understand how important this communal problem is.


He actually told us what he had heard about the drugs, starting age, sales, distribution, drug trafficking , the methods they are using and the harm given to the youngsters and their    family. I listened quietly and meticulously from the beginning to the end trying not to miss anything.  What I heard was a real nightmare.


He ended his story saying “Big amounts of drugs smuggled from the Greek Cyprus to Turkish Cyprus after the borders were open on April 23, 2003. Accordingly in the North Cyprus the sales, distribution and use of drugs stepped up dramatically and infested the community.


In the beginning I didn’t take it seriously, interpreted it as a classic accusation to the Greek Cypriots.  His words weren’t backed up by any solid documents, numbers, graphics, official reports or anything similar from government offices.


After some time, I had a long chat with a prominent Turkish Cypriot Police officer at a break during a conference in one of our local universities. Twisting the subject ingeniously to drugs I conveyed him what I heard. To my surprise and admiration the replied me with figures, numbers and all kinds of statistical information, confirming what I heard.


Although he was a prominent police officer, as being an academician and a researcher for more than 40 years I felt I should reconfirm his words also. Immediately  I jumped into the world of Greek Newspapers spanning from very left to extreme right, and noted down even the tiniest news covering anything related to drugs. Then I checked the Greek Cypriot journals, bulletins and official releases. Wrote down anything in the internet and in the USA government’s reports concerning the drug traffic, sales, distribution and smuggling in both sides of Cyprus.


On the final stage I collated all the information I could reach and collected.


My friend whom I thought was an inapposite, was quite right.

The Greek Cypriot side is one of the countries which the ratio of the crimes related or based on drugs compared to the population is relatively quite high, around 1 percent.


According to the official records, during the period between January 1 to the end of year 2013, the number of people arrested and imprisoned related to drug offenses hit as much as 287.


During the first third of year 2014, the deaths caused by overdosed drug intakes reached to 140.


These two figures speaks themselves, how the situation is dramatic, serious and damaging at the Greek side.


There are two more notorious crimes in parallel to drugs, the human trafficking and sex trade. They are twins and strongly tied to each other, in which Greek Cyprus is one of the leading countries within the EU. I shall  write a column on them some time in the near future.


15 Ağustos 2014
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Mass Graves of an Alleged Genocide

Mass Graves of an Alleged Genocide

Mass Graves of an Alleged Genocide


Armenians allege a genocide dated back to 1915, where a mere one and a half million Armenian were exterminated by the Ottoman Empire, during relocation which took part on mid May to early November in the year 1915.


The alleged extermination period is only 155 days and the total amount of the victims alleged to be one and a half million.


This means every single day 10 thousand Armenians were shot to death, killed, hanged or exterminated or etc.


Human corpse, stacked on top of each other, 3 bodies occupies a volume of one cubic meter. To bury ten thousand corpses in a mass grave would need a pit in the volume of 3 thousand and 333 cubic meters for corpses and a further 3 thousand and 333 cubic meters to cover them with earth for blanketing.


Accordingly a total of 6 thousand and 666 cubic meters needed to be dug every single day from May 1915 to November 1915.


No excavators, dozers, loaders, JCB’s, lorries, tucks or trench diggers were available at the beginning of the Twentieth century, not even a single car was available in the Eastern Anatolia region during those years.


A man power definitely needed  to dig everyday a pit in the volume of 6 thousand and 666 cubic meters or approximately an area in the size of a football field to be dug 2 meters in depth. Every single day an area in the size of a football field needed to be excavated  in 2 meters depth, the corpses laid in and later covered with soil again.


A healthy and young man can excavate only around half cubic meter of a pit using digging tools like a pickax and shovel in one hour working nonstop with a normal effort and a pace. If it is in the size of a football field, starting to dig from the center and dispose the excavated soil to any place outside of the football field, the time needed to excavate half a cubic meter increases to 60 minutes in average.


This means every day a 6 thousand and 666 hours needed to excavate a mass grave and to dispose the soil than a further approximately 3 thousand hours to cover the laid corpses, totaling almost 10 thousand hours of work every day for a period of 5 months, non stop.


Assuming a 6 hours productive work by a healthy man, 1 thousand and 7 hundred man needed every day to dig the pit, lay the corpses and cover them, subject if they can non stop work for 155 days. Normally a job rotation would be needed to proceed in the same pace every day which would increase the amount of people employed to around 2 thousand and 5 hundred.


Of course some guards from the Ottoman army  would also be needed to keep the order and prohibit escapes. This means food for 10 thousand captives and  3 thousand employees, or soldiers every single day, if not the total of the captured Armenians were more than 10 thousand.


I never found a record in the ottoman archives delivery of food, water, tents and other necessary goods to a group people employed to dig mass graves in Eastern Anatolia for 155 days.


After the alleged extermination there should be 150 mass graves in the different locations of Eastern Anatolia in the size of a football field.

I never managed to find these mass graves going through the Ottoman Archives. Never mind 150 of them, till today no body managed to find a single mass grave.


Where are those exterminated Armeian bodies?.

In Bosnia 8 thousand Bosnians were shot to death and their grave yards shifted for 3 times consecutively in order to wipe out the traces but still traced and found.


Why no body couldn’t locate any one of these 150 mass graves?


I also could not find any record of confession of those 3 thousand employees or their backbiting or remorse of any kind. At least one of them should stand up later on say that “We killed Armenians and buried them to this very spot” pointing the mass grave. But these never happened.


Where are the mass graves of the 1.5 million murdered Armenians???




15 Ağustos 2014
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