Mass Graves of an Alleged Genocide

Prof. Dr. Ata ATUN

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 15 Ağustos 2014 Saat : 8:17


Mass Graves of an Alleged Genocide


Armenians allege a genocide dated back to 1915, where a mere one and a half million Armenian were exterminated by the Ottoman Empire, during relocation which took part on mid May to early November in the year 1915.


The alleged extermination period is only 155 days and the total amount of the victims alleged to be one and a half million.


This means every single day 10 thousand Armenians were shot to death, killed, hanged or exterminated or etc.


Human corpse, stacked on top of each other, 3 bodies occupies a volume of one cubic meter. To bury ten thousand corpses in a mass grave would need a pit in the volume of 3 thousand and 333 cubic meters for corpses and a further 3 thousand and 333 cubic meters to cover them with earth for blanketing.


Accordingly a total of 6 thousand and 666 cubic meters needed to be dug every single day from May 1915 to November 1915.


No excavators, dozers, loaders, JCB’s, lorries, tucks or trench diggers were available at the beginning of the Twentieth century, not even a single car was available in the Eastern Anatolia region during those years.


A man power definitely needed  to dig everyday a pit in the volume of 6 thousand and 666 cubic meters or approximately an area in the size of a football field to be dug 2 meters in depth. Every single day an area in the size of a football field needed to be excavated  in 2 meters depth, the corpses laid in and later covered with soil again.


A healthy and young man can excavate only around half cubic meter of a pit using digging tools like a pickax and shovel in one hour working nonstop with a normal effort and a pace. If it is in the size of a football field, starting to dig from the center and dispose the excavated soil to any place outside of the football field, the time needed to excavate half a cubic meter increases to 60 minutes in average.


This means every day a 6 thousand and 666 hours needed to excavate a mass grave and to dispose the soil than a further approximately 3 thousand hours to cover the laid corpses, totaling almost 10 thousand hours of work every day for a period of 5 months, non stop.


Assuming a 6 hours productive work by a healthy man, 1 thousand and 7 hundred man needed every day to dig the pit, lay the corpses and cover them, subject if they can non stop work for 155 days. Normally a job rotation would be needed to proceed in the same pace every day which would increase the amount of people employed to around 2 thousand and 5 hundred.


Of course some guards from the Ottoman army  would also be needed to keep the order and prohibit escapes. This means food for 10 thousand captives and  3 thousand employees, or soldiers every single day, if not the total of the captured Armenians were more than 10 thousand.


I never found a record in the ottoman archives delivery of food, water, tents and other necessary goods to a group people employed to dig mass graves in Eastern Anatolia for 155 days.


After the alleged extermination there should be 150 mass graves in the different locations of Eastern Anatolia in the size of a football field.

I never managed to find these mass graves going through the Ottoman Archives. Never mind 150 of them, till today no body managed to find a single mass grave.


Where are those exterminated Armeian bodies?.

In Bosnia 8 thousand Bosnians were shot to death and their grave yards shifted for 3 times consecutively in order to wipe out the traces but still traced and found.


Why no body couldn’t locate any one of these 150 mass graves?


I also could not find any record of confession of those 3 thousand employees or their backbiting or remorse of any kind. At least one of them should stand up later on say that “We killed Armenians and buried them to this very spot” pointing the mass grave. But these never happened.


Where are the mass graves of the 1.5 million murdered Armenians???




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