The conflict in Cyprus did not begin in mid 1950’s but began with an idea called Enosis, unification of Cyprus with Greece.


This idea was seeded in Cyprus as early as 1879, when the British allowed Greeks to settle on the island in “patriotic communities.” Soon after, Greek patriotism flourished in the island and sneaked into churches and schools. The actual roots of Cyprus problem goes back as far as to late 1800’s but not 1974.


Since early 1900’s, the Greek Cypriots were geared for Enosis and opposed to the coexistence of Turkish Cypriots. 

In 1959 the motherlands of both people and Britain provided Cyprus with a constitution that was not only agreed upon by all parties, but also provided for the existence of a Republic, where T...

22 Eylül 2012
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Greeks Running Away From Solution

Greeks  Running Away From Solution

Talks on federation are recently occupying the Greek side.

In actual fact they have no intention of reaching an agreement or establishing a partnership with the Turkish Cypriots.


The proof of this is the referendum results on the Annan-Plan of 20th April 2004. Greeks voted 75% against a united-federated Cyprus Republic with the Turkish Cypriots.


Actually, from the Turkish Cypriot point of view, it was good that they said “no”! Otherwise, Turkish troops would have left the island, 2/5 of Northern Cyprus would have been occupied by some 160.000 Greek settlers, and the Turkish Cypriots would have fallen under a pseudo majority. The Turkish Cypriots would then not be “living” but “suffering”.



22 Eylül 2012
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Russia Set Eyes On Cyprus

Russia Set Eyes On Cyprus

Current and future developments in Syria are written in her history.

It is also not necessary to go back too far, her recent history speaks for itself.


The Syrian people, wishing to free themselves from the French colonial rule

of the years 1920 – 1946, ceased the opportunity in 1943, following the German

occupation of France, and started an uprising.


In the preceeding two years, France had enough, but as she did not want to leave Syria

without securing some advantages for herself, in May 1945 the uprising against French

colonial administration spread to the major cyties such as Damascu s, Aleppo, Humus and Ham.

By 1946, France could not suppress the country-wide uprising and was eventually forced to<...

22 Eylül 2012
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Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (10)

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (10)

Todays Zaman, January 21, 2008




While Archbishop Makarios was making clear his thoughts on the future of Cyprus, similar statements were also being made by Greek leaders in Greece. Some 15,000 Greek troops had actually occupied Cyprus since 1964.


Greece and Makarios were confident that Turkey could not risk a major war with Greece in order to save Turkish Cypriots and their rights in the face of such mili­tary reality.

Indeed the two partners knew of the anxiety of the US go­vernment about a Greco-Turkish war and its...

22 Eylül 2012
Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (10) için yorumlar kapalı
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Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (9)

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (9)

Today’s Zaman, January 19, 2008    




This degrading retreat forced Gen. Georgio Grivas to abandon his dreams of taking the Erenköy beachhead from the Turkish Cypriots. The UN called for a cease-fire and it was agreed to by both parties.


The various statements made by Archbishop Makarios in 1964 clearly explain the cause of the conflict on the island and his dream of taking a seat in history as the “architect of enosis” (or union with mainland Greece). On March 25, 1964, in a statement to German daily Sudetendeutsche Zeitung, he said, “With regard to the solution of the Cyprus problem, the union of Cyprus...

22 Eylül 2012
Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (9) için yorumlar kapalı
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