Greeks Running Away From Solution

Prof. Dr. Ata ATUN

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 22 Eylül 2012 Saat : 8:17


Talks on federation are recently occupying the Greek side.

In actual fact they have no intention of reaching an agreement or establishing a partnership with the Turkish Cypriots.


The proof of this is the referendum results on the Annan-Plan of 20th April 2004. Greeks voted 75% against a united-federated Cyprus Republic with the Turkish Cypriots.


Actually, from the Turkish Cypriot point of view, it was good that they said “no”! Otherwise, Turkish troops would have left the island, 2/5 of Northern Cyprus would have been occupied by some 160.000 Greek settlers, and the Turkish Cypriots would have fallen under a pseudo majority. The Turkish Cypriots would then not be “living” but “suffering”.


The Turkish Cypriots would conveniently be used as scape goats for the Greek Cypriot economical failure and bankcruptcy. They would be punished and made to suffer just as in the pre 1974 era.


They would never say; ” we ruined the economy due to  our laziness and incompetence” but rather “We went bust because of the enormous load of carrying the Turkish Cypriots”, and hence accuse the Turks and convince the world with their lies.


The Turkish Cypriots would probably cry about loosing their hard earned Republic and sovereignty. That ugly development would have made them slaves. Thank God that due to Papadopullos’ greed and ambition to grab the whole island, they were saved on the last moment from the deadly results of the so-called Annan-Plan.


Greeks have a fantastic ability to manipulate international opinion, change agreements to suit their wishes and sell themselves as totally innocent. They first convince themselves, and then convince others without reasoning or justification.


The high level agreement signed by Makarios and Denktash and witnessed by UN- Secretary General, Dr. Kurt Waldheim on the 12th February 1997, constituted the first high-level agreement which had for seen in principle; a bi-zonal, bi-communal and politically equal federation of two states.

The bi-zonal and bi-communal aspects of that agreement were clearly specified under article 2 of the same. This article also stated that each zone would be under the rule of the respective side and should be evaluated in the light of economic output, sustainability and property ownership. In other words, it was absolutely clear that one part would be under Turkish and the other under Greek rule.


After that, in all attempts to reach a solution, the UN have defined the possible future federation as bi-zonal and bi-communal.


The Greek political leadership is now desperately trying to deny this. Among those denying this fact is the head of the Greek Ortgodox church, Archbishop Chrisostomos II. Hrisostomos must have contacts to the other world to be able to claim that; ” had Makarios lived a little longer, he would have found a way of denying and rejecting the idea of federation”.


Important is also the efforts by the Greek Cypriot head of Parliament, Mr. Omirou, and Presidential Candidate Lillikas to deny any idea of federation.


Personally, I believe that the UN is wasting her time trying to build a united, federal-Cyprus Republic on the island of Cyprus. It is obvious that the Greeks have no such intention. Even though this is known to us, it is amazing that they cannot hide their intentions.



September 14, 2012

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