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 11 Haziran 2007 Saat : 5:36


You are now reading my maiden article in this very fresh column of Cyprus News, titled “ATUN FACTOR”.

Most probably you’ll be wondering “who’s this guy” and what would be the contents of his column.

Actually I am a Turkish Cypriot and an academician with a very interesting background. Well educated in US universities and elected as a Member of Parliament, representing the constituency of Famagusta in the National Assembly as young as in the age of 26.

Of course, after entering the politics at so young age, I just couldn’t escape from it, nor the politics could kick me out. Political experience as a parliamentarian, turned out to be a further postgradu-ate study for me, later in my life.

In depth knowledge of the Cyprus history, especially the grave period stretching from 1955 to 1974, on top of my engineering educa-tion, backed up by the thirty years of political experience, opened fur-ther doors like the head of Cyprus Turkish delegation during UN’s An-nan Plan negotiations in Cyprus, advisor to deputy Prime Minister, the membership to the Board of the International Scientific Academy and many more alike.

I have been writing political articles and commentaries in various local, Turkish and international newspapers in Turkish and English language, since 2003 and now they are well above 1000, in number.

You’ll be reading non aligned, non committed, non attached crys-tal clear commentaries, observations, opinions, thoughts and forecasts on Cyprus issue, political history of Cyprus, EU-Turkey accession ne-gotiations and realities behind the political curtains of Cyprus, Brus-sels and Ankara triangle.

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