UN and Cyprus Issue Resolution

Prof. Dr. Ata ATUN

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 11 Temmuz 2022 Saat : 10:37


The draft report that Guterres provided to the parties on the extension of the UN Peacekeeping Force’s mandate in Cyprus differs from previous Greek and pro-Greek reports in terms of content, language, and methodology.

This time, the report bears little resemblance to earlier rulings regarding Cyprus and the UN’s guidelines. The previously agreed-upon solution to the Cyprus issue is not mentioned. In other words, no mention has ever been made of the bi-communal and bi-zonal Federation.
The negotiations that ended in Crans Montana in 2017 were delayed from starting because to the maximalist demands of Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades. It seems UN Secretary-General Guterres is still unsure on how to restart talks. The negotiations, which were started in 1977 with the goal of “Federation,” seem to have been abandoned by the UN Secretary-General. The “two-state solution based on sovereign equality in Cyprus” is gaining support from the Republic of Turkey and TRNC President Ersin Tatar.

What is novel is that Turkey’s demand for NATO nations to adopt the TRNC is also being debated behind closed doors as talks on Sweden and Finland’s entrance to the alliance continue.

At every chance, Greece and the Greek Cypriot side have exercised their veto power against Turkey’s membership in and relations with the EU. It’s a recent development now that Turkey has established its use of its “veto power” within NATO as regular and acceptable. It is also interesting to note that Britain, the Republic of Cyprus’ third guarantor in 1960, viewed this matter favourably as well.

The informal report on the Goodwill Mission of the UN Secretary-General and the extension of UNFICYP’s mission will be reviewed on July 18 and released at the end of the month.

The negotiations came to a standstill in 2017 at Crans Montana because to the maximalist demands made by the Greek Cypriot side. The Greek Cypriot side will now, as usual, voice objections to the draft report, attempt to alter its content, and lay responsibility on Turkey. The report will therefore primarily represent their preferences. The Turkish side won’t accept the report.

This is the reason why it has taken so long to find a solution to the Cyprus issue: The fact that the Greek Cypriots do not want a solution, that they prevent a solution by using every opportunity, that they believe that they own the island and that the Turkish Cypriots are a minority. And last, the Enosis, a utopic vision of the Hellenic world that Cyprus should annex to Greece.

As you can see, it is impossible to reach a deal with this utopic ideals of the Greek Cypriots, regardless of who takes office in the TRNC and Southern Cyprus.

Prof. Dr. (Civ. Eng), Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Int. Rel.) Ata Atun
Dean, Cyprus Science University
Politicial Advisor to the President of the State

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