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 18 Ağustos 2007 Saat : 6:01


In propaganda business, Greeks are quite skilful to decorate it with lies.

Since 1974, the Greek Cypriot leaders, Makarios, Kyprianou, Vasiliou, Klerides and Papadopulos, all the Greek Cypriot politicians in power, the institutions and the NGO’s under their control, as if they were a chorus, sang the fictitious “Cyprus problem started in 1974” number to their people and to the world, non stop.

And still they play the same tune.

Any Greek or European or even a foreigner, when questioned on the Cyprus issue, will mention that the problem started in 1974.

As if the island of Cyprus was covered with peace to the tiniest village before 1974 and the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot people were living happily together, with no problem at all. And one day, suddenly the Turkish army decided to invade the island and the peace was raped.

When you hear the Greeks, this is what they will tell you.
“The mother of the lies” would say one of the leading politicians of the modern times, who knew the Cyprus problem from the beginning to the end.

Even in the “Missing persons issue” they lied to their own people and to the world for years. And still they insist on the lie that all the missing Greek Cypriots are because of the Turkish Peace Mission which took place in July 20, 1974, as if no Greek Cypriot was killed in the coup d’Etad organized by the Greek Officers from Greece in July 15, 1974.

According to the Greek Cypriot press and the findings of the “Auto-nomous Missing Persons Committee”, at least 750 supporters of Maka-rios, were ruthlessly killed by the joint forces of EOKA-B and Greek Cypriot National Guards, under the command of the Greek Officers from Greece during the coup days.

Now the long lasting lie or the fictitious Greek propaganda on the missing persons issue is surfaced by the DNA tests of the “Autonomous Missing Persons Committee”. Most of them were found in the Greek Cypriot territories, where no armed clashes took place between Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Army.

The findings of the DNA tests are on the contrary to the fictitious Greek propaganda since 1974.

In the Protara area of the Famagusta district, a small mass grave found, bearing the bodies of the six innocent civilian Turkish Cypriots who were carried away from their offices by force by the Greek Cypriot bandits, members of the notorious EOKA organization, and killed ruth-lessly in the year 1964 and dumped to a well.

The total number of the civilian Turkish Cypriots, executed ruthlessly by these Greek Cypriot bandits, during the accursed years between 1964-1974 is exactly 502.
The Greek Cypriots ruthlessly killed 502 Turkish Cypriots before 1974 and still they build up the “Cyprus problem started in 1974” tale.

It seems now a days that most of the Greek Cypriots do not believe any more to their Pinocchio like politicians.

A ceremony was held couple of days before in the southern Greek Cy-priot area, on the commemoration of the Greek Cypriots who died in the severe fighting which took place on Erenkoy (Dillirga), in August 8-9, 1964, between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.
During the accursed years between 1964-1974, the Turkish Cypriots were under a genocide treatment and in August 8-9, 1964, the Cyprus Greek National Guards reinforced with the 5,000 soldiers of Greek troops amounting to 20,000 sent by the mainland Greece to Cyprus, attacked to the Turkish villages in Erenköy (Dillirga) area.

The commander of attacking forces, general Grivas even had advertised for 7 days on run in the local papers, to invite the Greek Cypriots to spectate the defeat of the Turkish Cypriots and the cleaning of the area from their eternal enemies.

But unexpected had happened, and the mighty Greek Cypriot forces had to retreat on august 9, 1964, with hundreds of losses and casual-ties. Mouse hole was invaluable at that very specific day.

I still don’t understand how the Greek politicians persistently say that the “Cyprus Problem started in 1974”, irrespective of the lives lost from the both people of the island, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, during the accursed years between 1964-1974.
If that is so and the Cyprus Problem had started in 1974, what hap-pened before 1974 in the island and the hundreds of lives from both people were withered.

There is a proverb in Turkish which says “The candle of the fabulist lasts till sunset”, which means there is always an end to a lie and the truth will emerge at the end.
So as the Cyprus issue. The sunset now seems very close.

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