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 10 Mayıs 2012 Saat : 11:15


I am very much depressed by the sales of the mortgaged lands having homes built on.

The idea of selling homes of innocent people to collect the debts of a third party or a
construction company sounds very wrong to me.

I simply cannot accept it.

The point I cannot accept is the grasping of the houses along with the mortgaged land.

The houses weren’t mortgaged but because they were built on the land and had no chance to escape, they were also confiscated and sold by a public auction.

They reminded me the slaves of the medieval.

They were sold publicly because of their skin color or race and had no other offence, like the homes on the mortgaged land. The houses had no offence except being built on a mortgaged land.

The problem is that the land was mortgaged without the consent of the home owners.

When they found out that the land was mortgaged it was too late then.

Actually when the land was mortgaged, there were no houses, roads, electricity, water and other facilities on. It was mortgaged as an arable field to the value of at least one tenth of a building site.

After the homes were built on and the roads made and the infrastructure constructed for electricity, water, telephone and gas the land value flew off up to the crest.

I think it is unfair to buy the land only from the public auction and claim the houses, roads, and infrastructure built on without paying them. The buyer should pay the cost of the houses, roads
and infrastructure as well to claim the full ownership of the land.

I strongly believe that we should support our British citizens, who actually are facing losing their homes because of a mortgaged land without their consent or knowledge.

For ages our British citizens were and are always loyal to our community and supported us under any condition.

They are not wicked, unfaithful and malignant people.
On the contrary they are honest people whom we can trust at all times.

They are also very good consumers as they spend all of their personal income over here.

From time to time they collect money with in their community and buy the most wanted or missing apparatus for our hospitals or almshouses.

To these people, our government did not even give a permission to perform a silent demonstration
with candles, to let know us the problems they are facing with.

Their intention was to enlighten the government officials and to request the support of the
Turkish Cypriots on their problems.

So my full support is with you our dear English citizens and English people who chose to live over
here with us.

You are on the soil of your friends.  I shall try my best to convey your problems to our officials either directly or by my articles.





May 3, 2012

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